The phases of shopping for a new purse as mother to a one year old.





It should be small. Small enough that I can throw it inside a bigger bag for the kid’s stuff.

Strike that, it should be large. That way I only have to worry about packing one bag.

No. I’m done with putting my things in a diaper bag, I want my own bag again. I’m getting a small purse.

It should still be wipable, though. And have lots of pockets. Man, the pockets on the diaper bag are so great. I haven’t been this organized in years.

No. I’m getting a high-end, leather purse for me. I deserve it.

Oh, but what if I want to bring a book with me? It should fit a book.

Okay, if I’m looking at a mid-sized bag, I should look at less-designery labels. I can’t afford to spend that much on a purse just for me.

What about a mini backpack? Those are back in now. And that way my hands will be free all-the-time — that’s a revelation.

Wow, these bags look like they belong in Clueless. I don’t know if I can handle that kind of throwback. I might be too old for this.

There are some really nice diaper bags that double as backpacks.

I wonder if I can get a small “doesn’t look like a diaper bag” diaper-bag-backpack and use it as a purse. NO. I WILL NOT BUY MYSELF A DIAPER BAG.

OH this one has such a fun print on the inside! It’s like a secret. I can’t pee alone, but I can have a pop of color that no one knows about…

I’ll get this one. It will even fit a pair of socks and a rogue piece of fruit. In emergencies only, of course. This is for me.

I should hold off on buying it though, just in case it goes on sale. I’ll give it a week.

*3 months later*

I’ll just shove my wallet in the diaper bag.

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